Reimagining strategy for better business

Business can drive Positive Impact.

The credibility of business and government to address the world’s greatest problems is in constant question. Demand has never been stronger for global companies to go beyond CSR, to integrate sustainability, and deliver Positive Impact. Many organisations still struggle to implement strategies for inclusive growth that are both scalable and profitable, while creating value across their supply chains and stakeholders.

Ahead of the Positive Impact Summit 2018 in March, Palladium has linked up with Management Today to explore the relationship between long-term, sustainable business growth, and social progress.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be examining a number of key questions that businesses face when juggling shareholder expectations with social imperatives. Is there a moral dimension to business? What’s the secret to growing your business ecosystem? Why should we measure value, not profit? Can you be a sustainable and ethical disruptor?

A forum for change

The Positive Impact Summit 2018, Reimagine Strategy, will welcome progressive and ambitious leaders from across the world to consider routes to success for companies who recognise that economic and social impact are intrinsically linked.

To generate economic and social value at scale, a reimagining of how we pursue growth, how we build partnerships and how we unlock capital is required. We need to reimagine strategy.

Summit keynote speakers Professors Robert Kaplan and George Serafeim (from Harvard Business School) and Eduardo Tugendhat (Palladium’s director of thought leadership) will explore a ground-breaking new roadmap recently outlined in their Harvard Business Review article: Inclusive Growth: Profitable Strategies for Tackling Poverty and Inequality. They will focus on four key steps to success: Be Bold: Identifying systemic, multi-actor opportunities to create economic and social value, Think Collaboration: Mobilising and aligning complementary partners, Unlock Capital: Obtaining seed and scale up-financing, and Align and Govern: Implementing a measurement and governance system

Be part of the conversation

To effectively reimagine profitable strategy for businesses around the world, we need to move from concept to reality. At the Positive Impact Summit 2018, attendees will discuss the practical challenges we face in making supply chains sustainable, accessing difficult to reach markets, and bridging the skills gap. You’ll hear from business leaders who are already incorporating Positive Impact into their core commercial strategies, and join practical training sessions with strategy experts to give you the tools to reimagine strategy in your organisation.