Day 1
14 Mar 2018
Day 2
15 Mar 2018
08:15 - 09:15

Registration & Exhibits Open

Keynote Address: Corporate-Led Ecosystems that Address Inequality and Poverty

The credibility of business and government to address “big problems” is in constant question. Demand has never been stronger for global companies to go beyond CSR, to integrate sustainability, and...
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Robert S. Kaplan
11:00 - 11:30

Networking Break & Exhibits Open

Be Bold. Ambitious Goals Need Ambitious Projects

Companies have tried to upgrade their traditional corporate social responsibility programs to shared-value and sustainability strategies that are designed to deliver both economic and social returns. But all too often...
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Liesl Hargens
Adrian Greet
Sinead Duffy
Mariam Farag
Eduardo Tugendhat
12:40 - 13:45

Networking Lunch & Exhibits Open

Moderated Roundtable Discussions

These sessions bring you into the heart of the conversation. Join up to 3 roundtables over the course of the 75-minute session to discuss the practicalities of reimagining strategy. Topics...
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Juliet Mann
15:00 - 15:30

Networking Break & Exhibits Open

A Case Study on Transforming Kuwait’s Public Sector to become a Catalyst for Growth and Development

Kuwait’s Touristic Enterprises Company is at the forefront of major change in the ecosystem in which it operates. In this innovative case study, hear the ambitious vision for TEC’s role...
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Abdulwahab Al-Marzouq

Unlocking Capital for Powerful Systemic Change

Historically corporations, financial institutions and investment funds tend to favour ‘safe’ investments, backed by strong management teams, shorter payback periods and well defined exit strategies. By contrast projects that are...
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Geoff Burnand
Michael Schlup
Andrew Parry
Tracey Austin
Albena Melin
17:10 - 18:30

Summit Reception

08:30 - 9:00

Networking Breakfast & Exhibits Open

Day Two Introduction

Reimagining strategy is about positively embracing 21st century corporate culture. It’s about making a proud declaration that we want to build organisations that reflect the diverse, nuanced and varied skills...
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Rosanna Duncan

Collaborative Business Models

What Does it Take to Mobilise Complementary Partners to Deliver 5X the Current Value in an Ecosystem? Company executives, often located at corporate headquarters, can be slow to recognize opportunities...
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Herbert Kyeyamwa
Patience Akyianu
Hanne Dalmut
Eduardo Tugendhat

Creating a Sustainable Ecosystm for Future Living

This sustainable space will attract and allow creative people to be able to work together (co-exist) to expand their limits, to impact, to take decisive actions, to inspire, to profitably, get...
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Abhijit Pawar
10:40 - 11:10

Networking Break & Exhibits Open

Keynote: Reimagining Capitalism: Financing Inclusive Growth

Transformational change requires the reimagination of existing relationships, business models and organisational processes in a market system. George Serafeim will explore the power of systems-level thinking coupled with a practical...
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George Serafeim

Performance and Impact Measurement

Using metrics to drive good governance Building an ecosystem is not for the fainthearted. By some estimates, more than 50% of joint ventures and strategic alliances fail to achieve their...
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Alice Chapple
Pierre Courtemanche
Noel Tagoe
Andrew Koleros

Keynote Address: Amplify Social Impact with Strategy Implementation and Technology

Hear how to tackle what can appear to be disparate business goals and fully integrate the social impact component of your strategy with your overall growth ambitions in a meaningful...
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Gail Stout Perry
13:00 - 14:00

Networking Lunch & Exhibits Open

Reimagine Strategy – Making it Happen! – Part 1

Systems Strategy Map Methodology Turning concept into reality requires the application of a practical framework. The second half of Day 2 focuses on practical learning. Two training sessions will examine...
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Joan Cabezas
Eduardo Tugendhat
15:15 - 15:35

Networking Break & Exhibits Open

Reimagine Strategy – Making it Happen! – Part 2

Systems Strategy Map Methodology Identifying opportunities and mobilising partners are the foundational components of a reimaged Positive Impact strategy, but actions require funding, and results require measurement. Part 2 will...
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Joan Cabezas
Eduardo Tugendhat

Closing Session : Reimagine Strategy – Making it Happen!

The closing session will capture the key Summit take-aways to help your organisation reimagine strategy and achieve Positive Impact.
Kim Bredhauer

Summit Close