Day 1
25 Jun 2019
Day 2
26 Jun 2019
07:30 - 08:30

Registration & Breakfast

Welcome Remarks

Welcome to the Positive Impact Summit! Join our MC as she introduces the day and the kind of big-picture, inspired thinking required to really take on the world’s biggest challenges....
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Keynote: Impact at Scale

There is wide agreement that fully engaging private business and capital is critical to achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, and to the sustainable growth needed to address poverty, inequality and climate...
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George Serafeim

Panel: Pathways to Breakthrough Ideas

While many development and sustainability projects struggle to survive after their initial funding runs out, some organizations have been trying new approaches. A diverse panel of experts from the private...
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Success Story: Ideas at Scale

How can we identify the right opportunities to create the most value and impact? It takes bold thinking and inspired leadership. In this short video followed by Q&A, we take...
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10:45 - 11:00


Panel: Better Business Models through Collaboration

One of the key innovations required for Inclusive Growth at scale involves determining who within an ecosystem needs to be included and how this can be structured for long term...
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Success Story: Partnerships at Scale

What does a collaborative business model actually look like? In this short video followed by Q&A, we explore the realities of designing a new model in a new or existing...
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12:00 -13:00


Panel: Financing Inclusive Growth

Financing is readily available for proven approaches, while the most difficult financing to raise is the first $500K. How can this gap be addressed? And how can access to finance...
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Interview: Unlocking the potential of technology

Connecting small scale and start-up entrepreneurs to markets, know-how and capital is something with which the technology sector is familiar. We hear from a leader in this space about the...
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Panel: Governance in the Execution of Inclusive Growth Strategies

How can every participant in an inclusive ecosystem be aligned on their objectives and the execution of their inclusive growth strategy? How can all stakeholders feel confident that they are...
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Success Story: Governance at Scale

This short video followed by Q&A demonstrates the importance of inclusive governance and transparency, and information sharing around results.
15:15 - 15:30


Interview: How can Measurement better drive investment for Impact

1 in every 4 dollars invested in the United States is in impact-driven solutions. In this interview, we’ll examine approaches to measurement that can allow investors to better compare different...
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Open Forum: What’s Your Challenge?

You’ve spent the day listening, networking, and asking questions; now it’s your turn to take the stage. Tell us about a challenge you’re facing when attempting to scale the impact...
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17:30 - 19:30


By Invitation Only